Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kayaking Essentials - Short Trip

Don't be surprised but around my neck of the woods if it is a sunshiney day on a summer weekend that you will usually find me in a boat.  I love being in the glorious pink princess stalking various animals on our way down the river.
Today I bring you my must have trip down the river kayaking essentials.  Now when looking at this stuff, remember we are only going down the river approx 2-3 miles (1 1/2 hours).   Clearly if I was out longer or in an area that we did not know the list would be slightly longer.  Ok...on with it.

1.  Floating Dry Bag - This holds the cell phone and my Kleenex.  Allergies have been fierce.

2. The pink princess aka the kayak - Hello, you can't get down the river on a floating dry bag.  Clearly my numbering was off as this is of course the number one item you need.  If you are in the market for a kayak, you will definetly want to look for one with adjustable foot pegs.   Also make sure you are getting one that works with the type of water you will be spending the majority of your time on...going to sea, get a sea kayak.  We tinker down the rivers, so this one works for me plus its pink.

3.  Paddle - Floating is fun and all, but if you really want to go places a paddle is helpful. 

4.   Throwable, floating seat cushion - Not only does this help in case of an emergency it also helps keep the bootie happy during your time in the kayak.
The little thing on my "dash".  It is a compass, temperature gauge, and clock.  Discovered this in the automotive section of the store.  How is this helpful?  You know: 
  •  Your direction if you get turned around or lost
  • Why you are feeling a hot spell or chill
  • Most important you know what time it is and if you have to paddle quicker as to not be late for some family BBQ at your in-laws that you may have kind of forgotten about while taking the in the glories of the river.  Not saying that ever happened.
1. Flip Flops - These are my preference to wear in the kayak.  Or some form of water proof sandal.
2.  Snacks - Paddling down the river can be hard work and a girl gets hungry.  Or if being attacked by a killer turtle, throw them snacks.  They probably were just hangry.
3.  Filled Water Bottle - Much to some people's dismay, it should be filled with water or a sports drink.  Save the wine for shore or pack in an alternate container.
4.   Beach towel - Aside from drying off, I use mine for a back rest sometimes.  
1. Water shoes - I will change into the water shoes when taking out or putting in the kayak.  The traction is much better then my flippie floppies.
2.   Life Vest - You never know what could happen.  Carry a life vest...period.
3.  Neosporin antiseptic spray to go - This is small enough to toss into the dry bag or hatch.  It is a must have for when you scrap up against something in the dirty water.  Take care of those scrapes and cuts better then a bigger problem.
4.  Waterproof Camera with a Float - By far one of my better purchases last year.  I love not having to worry about water getting on my good cameras or smart phone.  You seriously can just drop this in the water, take pictures under water..you name it.  Absolutely awesome for water activities.
5.  Sunscreen - Bright red nor getting skin cancer is on my goal list.   Sunscreen all over every inch and remember to reapply.  Suffering for days after a few hours of fun is not worth it.  Sunscreen use it.  That concludes our public service announcement on sunscreen usage.  
And last but not the least kayaking essential
Family and friends....having fun, conversation, and sharing moments on the river really is my favorite part in our kayaking adventures.

Get your stuff together, grab your people, get out there and enjoy some summer kayaking water fun.

* Kleenex tissues and neosporin were products I received complimentary for testing from inluenster. All opinions are my own.
* repost from Life in the Sack
* Please note I will be updating this post later in the year after adjusting our "necessities"

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