Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Show Us Your Books - January

Well, back at the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to read 12 books this year.  Yeah, pretty low compared to others, but  I fell out of the habit. I rediscovered Goodreads and signed up for the challenge.  Goodreads has been a great help in tracking the books I read.  Hopefully, I will also get some great recommendations based on what I read when my reading list final dwindles down a bit.  To keep track of what I want to read I have been using the library website to keep a running list of things I want to read. The greatest thing with this is it enables me to see what is in at my library, what I can order in from another library, and what books have holds on them. 

Currently, I have been trying to split my reading between one fiction book and one non-fiction book each month.  So without further delay here are the ones that I have read in January:


Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.- Never was intrigued about a book that was banned before until I read the synopsis of this one.  It was a little crazy, but I did enjoy it.  It was also a rather quick read.  After reading it, I can understand why people would want to ban the book.  There were some pretty derogatory comments towards things/people.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman-  I discovered this book from a list that stated what book goes with or was based in your state.  I enjoyed the references to landmarks and the culture of Wisconsin that was in the book.  A little weird compared to my normal reading selections.  There is also a series on Starz based on the book.  It takes the strangeness of the book to a new level.  Needless to say, we will not be finishing the TV series.

The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle- First book club book of the year.  I enjoyed it. It was an easy suspense read with some fun twists and turns.  I did not think it would end as it did.  Needless to say the whole book club was like "what?!?" related to the ending.


The Sleep Tight Motel by Lisa Unger - Really enjoyed this quick read and did not realize the ending.

The Tangled Wood by Emily Raboteau - Thought the author did a great representation of things that go thru someone's mind and the torture a family vacation can be.


Yes Please by Amy Poehler - Did not finish this one.  It was just not my cup of tea.  If you are an Amy Poehler fan and want to know how she came to be in her career then it may be for you.

Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven -  Make your bed and you have at least one accomplishment for the day.  A nice little motivational book in which the author relates his time in the Marines on how to succeed in your day to day. 

COOKBOOKS  - Why spend money on them if you are unsure if you love enough recipes to justify the purchase, check them out at your local library.

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give A F*ck by Thug Kitchen, LLC.: This cookbook was hilarious plus had some great recipes in it.  If anything check it out for the quirky antidotes.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen - This cookbook has now given me what will be our go-to tuna casserole.  Delicious.  Forewarning the recipes are to be a little spicy.

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook - Now I didn't grab any recipes out of this one.  It was fun to look at and see the recipes that the authors associated with each of the Game of Thrones regions.  Plus, they would have a time period recipe and then the modern take on the recipe (just in case you weren't down for some weirdness on your plate).

CURRENTLY READING:  "The House of Broken Angels" and "Furiously Happy" plus checking out "The Siracha Cookbook"

Well, January turned out to be a great month for reading now to hope that I can carry the momentum throughout the year.

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  1. I keep wanting to check out the Chrissy cookbooks but haven't yet.

    1. Everything I have tried has been good. Waiting until the waiting list drops at the library before I get the second one. She does a lot of cooking on her intastories also. Those are fun to watch.

  2. My daughter had to read the McRaven book for a tumbling program she's in and so I read it as well. It was interesting and motivational but I probably should have just watched the commencement speech it's based off of.

    1. Yeah, I could definitely see that. I have been trying to rotate in a nonfiction book every month and heard good things about it. So it was a good quick read.

  3. I borrowed Cravings from the library and really enjoyed it. I did not try her tuna casserole but now it sounds like I need to revisit her cookbook because I love tuna casserole. :D

  4. That Game of Thrones cookbook sounds awesome! I just finished a Neil Gaiman called Norse Mythology that I loved, but I think American Gods would be too out there for me.

    1. I am not really a mythology reader on a normal day. American Gods was a stretch, but it was fun hearing about different aspects of my state that I could related too.

  5. Marriage lie is on my list. Glad to hear it was interesting.

    1. Interesting and once you get into it, could be a pretty quick read. :)

  6. I love Cravings, but haven't tried any recipes yet. I did make her banana bread (in her 2nd book?) and it was great. :) I love Gaiman's writing and world building, but I find his books a bit slow. They are odd, I appreciate it.. his mind is incredible, hearing him speak last year was great, but I don't know that I'll go for American Gods. :) XO - Alexandra

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