Monday, February 11, 2019

Whats New with you...Life Lately

January oh started out bringing in a snowstorm to our wonderful state of Wisconsin and left on a very frigid note.  I must say that was very cold-hearted of you. Needless to say that with the cold and snow there really wasn't much excitement to report for the month of January just a lot of hanging in the cozy confines of our home.  Here are some things that did manage to happen:

Busy Bee:  Yoga classes started up for me once again after the December break. Also, the library book club was back as well.  The art and craft classes at the library continued.  Weekends were chill and spent at home.

Watched:   With being snuggled up at home, I finally finished season 7 of American Horror Story and Shameless came back to Showtime.  The hubby and I also decided to binge watch the Ted Bundy series on Netflix. Truly amazed at how one very scary individual can escape numerous times.

Planning:  January saw me planning out my fitness plan for the month/months ahead.  The plan is down on paper and I tried out a new fitness planner.  This was later changed to the new one I started to use in February.  More details on this set up to come.

Eating: Fewer sweets.  Sadly, I know that when I want to be healthy, sweets are the first thing to go.  I was eating them way too much during the month of December, like on the daily. Now we shall just focus on keeping it a weekend thing.

Drinking: Lots of coffee.  It's cold here and I like coffee.  Future plan will be to up the water intake though.  The number of times I have shocked myself is insane.

Loving: all the new stickers that I bought.  I bought a ton of stickers from Happy planner for my planners and journals at the beginning of the year.  Oh, how I love my stickers and oh how I know I will no longer be purchasing more until the current supply is depleted.

And that shall be all for the moment. Now let's hope the groundhog was right and we will see and early winter because right now it sure doesn't feel like it.

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