Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rock Island State Park, WI : Island Living

Half of the fun is getting there.  Once you get to Rock Island you are suddenly on island time.  Island time basically means you are at discretion of the ferries to come and go from the island.  Also, the only other time you need to pay attention to is the time that wood shed opens.  There is no electricity on the island either.  There is one bathroom with flush toilets, which are solared powered.  The peacefulness and the wonderfully nice people make the entire adventure.
Where you call home will be any site that you like.  I am partial to water views.   Also make reservations as early as possible, sites fill up fast.  Pets are also allowed in the campground area just make sure to reserve a pet friendly site.  Sidenote: You will need to carry your gear to your site, which can be a mile walk.  I recommend you bring a garden cart to help out especially if a cooler is involved.

Once you get to your site, set up your tent and get settled in, make sure to take a look around.  When there is no electricity etc. it is fun to see if anyone found a neat little way to occupy their time like making the above or drawing little gardens on the rocks....aka a rock garden.
Each site is equipped with a firepit and a picnic table. And my husband can attest that there is a special kind of hungry that occurs on the island, it is "Rock Island hungry".

As much as I would love to fill this page with words about the beauty, seclusion, and wonderfulness of every single campsite that I was in on the island there is no way I could beat the pictures.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves, as each one is a view from one of the sites we have had.

If you are looking for some beautiful serenity in your life, Rock Island is where you need to be. Now go get those reservations made and stop back next week for when we venture around the island.
Part 1: Rock Island Getting There

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