Friday, May 22, 2015

Rock Island State Park, WI : Island Exploration Part 2

Welcome back to Rock Island once again.  It has been quite sometime.  After all of those steps that we climbed in the last post, a well needed rest was definitely in order.
We shall now continue our journey around the island via the Thordarson Loop.

As you journey down this trail you will come across a few cemeteries.   Take some time to look at the gravestones here.  Keepers of the lighthouses and members of their families rest here.

Aside from lingering in the cemeteries, don't forget to stop at the various overlooks along the trail and take in the beautiful views of the lake.

The next stop and snack break on our little tour is the water tower.

To be quite honest I am not really sure why it is called the water tower.  It is not like a water tower I have ever seen before.   Of course one time while we were hiking it was rather rainy and we hung out there until the rain or water passed.
As you continue on you will pass the Rutabaga Field and the beach area.   After the beach area along the shoreline cliffs you will find some old Indian carvings.  These are not right along the trail you will need to go in search of them...good luck and enjoy the views.

By this time you will be back into the campground area and heading back to your site for some well needed rest from your little island walk. 
Stay Tuned for some Rock Island Beach Tales.

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