Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ledge Park 2015 Spring Adventures

Since I don't want to get behind on our weekend adventures, I am going to give you a brief over view of our spring trips to Ledge.  This park is a county park that is close to home. 

There are "two" sections to the ledge, the upper and the lower.   For our first little mini hike, we were basically on the lower ledge after we checked out the campsite that we would be calling home for a weekend in May.

There are no campsites in the lower section only picnic areas, a pond, and a playground.  During periods of great amounts of rain, it can be closed to vehicles due to minor flood (as seen above).

This is the Contemplation Tree.
That sums up the April excursion.  Fairly brief.

Then in May, we took the new camper out there for a test run.   It is is the perfect spot for that since it is close to home.  And this weekend we needed the whole close to home.
First off does anyone recall this book?  They have a little library located within the ledge and we just happen to have stumbled upon this book.

 Our first evening was a rough one.  Not because of the park, but due to the dogs.  We were right across the way from a group which had hunting dogs that were kept in a truck in the evening.  So their random barking would set off our dogs.  Sleep did not go very well.

And in our lovely morning stuper, we had the nice reminder that it was birding weekend at the marsh.  So that whole group of people above happened to be looking at birds, which really felt like they were staring at you. At least they were quiet.

After running home and playing a small rotation game with the dogs, we decided to hike a portion of the upper ledge on our quest for the last geocache we had to find in the park.  Here are some pictures from the hike. 

It was a strategic climb down to find the cache, but we made it.

It is hard to tell by these pictures that we are actually in Wisconsin.  Yes, we have coolness like this here.

We found the cache and you literally had to crawl thru a tunnel to find it.

We picked up the hubbie and the rest of the puppies to finish off our hike for the day.

In the evening we were joined by my parents and of course, we had some marshmallows.

Our last night was uneventful.  This maybe in part that we left the dogs at our home with the other teenager.  In the morning, we packed up and headed home before the rain set in.
Overall our first camp trip in the new trailer, went well.
And there you have a little glimpse into our spring trips to the ledge.  Watch for more details on this park in the future.

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