Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Buckhorn State Park, WI

Today we shall take the time to travel to Buckhorn State Park, WI. Buckhorn State Park is located on a peninsula in the Castle Rock Flowage of the Wisconsin River.  The sites at this state park are cart in sites.  The park provides the carts for you.  While I appreciated that the park provided the carts, the trail to our site was rather sandy and it took a lot to pull the cart.  We packed as if we were backpacking though, so really there was not much for the cart.  With my copilot at his post, let's begin....
This winding road shall take you to the park.  I wanted to share this because as you notice there are bodies of water on each side of this and as I was driving I could not help but think of the scene in "Twister" with the cows flying across the road.
We stayed in site number 18.  It was approximately 1.2 mile walk in.  We went for a weekend in August.  It was extremely hot plus a full moon.  As you will be able to see, there was not much shade.  Keep that in mind when booking the sites.  Reserve America has some great pictures of the sites.

One of the nicest features though is that the sites are right on the water.  At the time of the trip, we did not have our boat or jet skis yet.  We may need to revisit this place in the future.
It is a perfect place for you to be able to hang out at your campsite and have your own private beach area for the kids to swim.
We also took the time out to check out the pet beach area.  Pets are only allowed in specific public beach areas.   Even though bullet enjoyed himself, I was rather disappointed in the pet beach area.  It would be nice to see the state park system put a little more effort etc. into the pet beach areas.  After all the pets bring their humans and we want to enjoy the lakes as a family.

Here is the view towards the woods from our site.  Sidenote that this picture won second place in their photography contest.  It just happened to be a beautiful moment in the morning.

While we were there we also did some geocaching.  This is one of the first state parks to allow the hiding of geocaches.   
Overall we had a beautiful weekend at Buckhorn and look forward to going back with a boat and some jet skis.


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