Pardon the roughage of my little shack currently.  She will be undergoing some changes improvements etc. in the very near future.

My hopes for this blog is to be able to share some of my adventures, my love of the outdoors and things that make my life great. For the most part the blog will be geared to Wisconsin, because for some reason good ole' Wisconsin's outdoors get overlooked as people yearn for the thin air of the mountains.  I love the beauty that our wonderful state of Wisconsin has. 

Now to business, first and foremost, my name is Dawn.  I am most content when I am moving in some way shape or form...and I love being outside, exploring new places.  You will find me talking about backpacking, kayaking, camping, and just random places we decided to go check out.   My plans are to do some recaps of past trips, updates on some of our current trips, our everyday life, and then tips/tricks/foods or whatever seems to fit.
Oh and that is my fave adventure dog Bullet...he may stop by with talk from the trails also.  I hope you find this blog fun and inspirational. 

As Emerson once said, "live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air".    
Wisconsin Wilds was born on March 20th, 2015 the first day of spring and a new moon.

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