Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Big Roche A Cri Exploration : Adams County, WI

Big Roche A Cri Lake and Creek
Class Difficulty:  Easy Paddling, Calm Waters
Every time we have journeyed up north, we have crossed over the Big Roche A Cri Lake bridge.   Finally one weekend we decided to bring up the kayaks for a little exploration.  The boat launch we put in at was just off of 13 on the east side of the road. We opted to explore the side of the lake to the east of Hwy 13. The water is very calm and the lake is also very shallow.  While the houses along the lake did have motor and pontoon boats next to their docks, I am not sure I would recommend exploring the east side of the lake with a motor or pontoon boat.  The DNR website states that the deepest area on the east side is 5 ft.  There were quite a few areas where we could see old tree stumps and a lot of weeds.
Nothing much to report in the way of wildlife, crazy mishaps, or weird crossings. It was just a quiet paddle. According to the DNR website, the lake has panfish, large mouth bass, and northern pike.  It truly would be a great, quiet lake to fish. We also paddled part way up Big Roche A Cri Creek.  Not knowing where it crossed a road and how far off that was we opted to paddle back to the landing.
Mo's Bar is located just up from the landing.  A nice bar that serves food.  Perfect place to grab some lunch or a beverage.  Another side activity by the landing: geocaching.  There is a great geocache in the area.  Good Luck....and Happy Paddles
And too many pictures in 3...2....1

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