Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Warrior - House Mouse

It must be the season of force fed lazy weekends due to allergies.  Allergies are hitting home hard this weekend causing us to spend long mornings in bed and slower days.  Thankfully, I have the greatest husband in the world (we will see if he reads this) who brings me breakfast in bed, which we enjoyed together on Saturday morning.  Afternoon got the best of him and I played girl wrench and put the wheel well in my car.  Darn raccoons, really need to stop on their little suicide missions.

In the evening on Saturday, we discovered that we had an extra roommate.  As I walked downstairs I was greeted by this little mouse.  A mouse in my house, well know this is a first.  Of course, we had nothing to really take care of it.  I tracked the mouse down to my newly built pantry.  Think the little guy was scared and hungry, he barely moved when we approached him.  My hubbie fashioned a way to catch him.  Catch him we did and the little guy was happily relocated to the field, where once again he did not run away just munched on the clovers in the field.

The funny side story to this whole ordeal is that when we (ok my hubbie) was trying to get the mouse, I was attempting to bring something to help.  As I was doing this, I managed to twist my ankle and will be in a special shoe for a week.. Let's not forget though the mouse is happy and free.

Sunday....very uneventful, allergies kicking butt again and it was a normal day.  Grocery shopping and cooking.  And there you have how we gently slayed the weekend.  Hope yours was delightful.

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