Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Warrior

Happy Monday, welcome to weekend warrior.  You know the post where we discuss how we managed to crush the weekend via a bunch of hopefully glorious activities and not some mundane adult type items.  This weekend shall be put in the books as a weekend of forgetfulness.

Plan go up north - come home Sunday...reality go up north Friday, come home Friday, go up north Saturday, come home Sunday.  This can be contributed to forgetfulness.  Like major forgetfulness on my part, we are 10 minutes out and I realize that I forgot our keys to get in our trailer.  Yes, that was lovely and my hubbie was not very happy.  I felt terrible and basically cried the whole way home, yeah fun.  We did get to watch some "Walking Dead" and eat two bags of popcorn.

Saturday, I was all prepared to run some errands and get some things done around the house.  When after I suggested that we go check out a nearby city, the hubbie said let's go back up north since we were already packed.   Great idea...pack everyone back up and we were on the road.  We made it up north in the early afternoon. Dropped off the pups at the trailer and ran into town. Still had to get some house shopping done and I wanted to check out a bakery my mom mentioned.  The bakery though closed early, you could find the owner at the bar they had listed on the sign...only in a small town up north.  Then back at the trailer, we got the fire started.  This was our main mission there to burn up some of the brush pile.  Around dinner time that whole, what, where is that forgetfulness kicked in and this time it was the pudgie pie maker.  There went dinner...back to town we go.  Bucky's Pizza it was.  After all of that the evening was uneventful, finished our fire and passed out watching "Arachnophobia."

Sunday, we impatiently awaited the arrival of my parents to help them out a bit.  We got a pallet in the woods for a future wood stack and the snow fence up to keep the disrespectful snowmobilers off the land.  After a little bit of work, it was time to head home, unpack, grocery shop, catch a quick nap, and enjoy our family dinner.

Stats of items forgotten:
1) set of camper keys
1) pudgie pie maker
3) rugs for the trailer

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