Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Well, Hello

Since it has been quite sometime and one of my things for the year is to rededicate myself to my blog, thought another introduction of who I am or should I say who I have become is in order.  Who or what I have become in 2016 is an individual who realized that there is some growth in the pains of life and when I am determined I can conquer many things.

2016 was a hard year to say the least.  Sometimes at the beginning of the year people select words to guide their year, I did not or do not believe that I did.  The words I would have choose today for my 2016 would be something along the lines of heartbreak, pride, strength, and courage.

Heartbreak: 2016 showed me the loss of of what I thought my perfect life was and a very dear friend, may you rest in peace.

Pride:  My son graduated high school and started college.  To date, he seems to be balancing things well.

Strength:  I found the strength to get thru the tough times and start to pick myself up again.  Also, in a very hard period it showed me that I had the strength or could find it to be there for my husband as we faced the possibility of a "monster" coming into our lives.

Courage:  This comes down to me proving to myself that I had the courage (and also strength) to go off on my own in the wilderness.  No internet, no phones just find solitude in being by myself.

While 2016 was tough I can say I am climbing out from the bottom point that I felt myself in.  Towards the end of 2016, I started to get my arms around things.  I have been spending my time figuring things out and slowly climbing up the rope to get my life to a point that I am comfortable with.  Please don't get me wrong there are and were great things, I am just setting off on my quest in 2017 to make it even better and get back to that place of where I am content with how I have life laid out.  2017's simplify.  Simplifying makes things easier, right it has too.

With that being said, bring on 2017 and all of it's adventures!!

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