Sunday, January 13, 2019

Renewing the Passion

Over the last few months, I have been renewing and nurturing some of the passions that were forgotten about when I was stumbling thru my darkness.  This took a lot of courage, as I would have been perfectly content just becoming a hobbit in my own little corner of the world where no one could hurt me.

Love of Learning

It started quite simply on this one.  I just started reading books, both fiction and non-fiction.  This drew me back to the library.  The library was such a forgotten place.  I loved it so.  Where else in the world can you go get lost in something and imagine you are whoever you feel to be at that time.


This one takes a little bit more.  After all, sometimes that bed is nice warm and fuzzy in the mornings.  WIth me the more a place feels like home the easier it is for me to be there.  I learned this thru some transitions I had at work and feeling out of place for a short period.  It started with getting a locker. Now I had a spot and I took this spot and made it awesome.  You know a place that when you get there you smile...filled with fun things you love.  After all that it was easy, start slow, step on the treadmill etc. and then start adding in weights.  I started feeling better and got in my routine.  Then during this learning experience of getting on track, I discovered the sauna.  Oh, how joyous that was.  An extra perk for working out and a part of my day that made me feel delightful and more aligned for the day ahead.


This passion of mine flowed into so many areas of my life.  From creating my organizational system to making sure nothing gets forgotten to creating pieces of art to crafting.   When I was creating things and developing I loved it.  The sense of progress and fun was enlightening yet frustrating at times also. Having the passion to create things is almost an asset as you progress forward.  If you love to create you can create anything you want including your future happy self.

Now my intent is to take the things I learned from renewing these passions to continue to progress forward.

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