Monday, January 28, 2019

2018 Amazon Top Buys

Ok.  This has been going around YouTube for a little bit now.  Needless to say, when I discovered it on there I got sucked into the black hole of numerous top amazon pick/buy/need videos. I figured why not share my top ten things that I purchased in 2018 from Amazon.

1.   Milk-Bone Pill Pouches: Would not even attempt to give our older dog meds without these.

2.  HP Sprocket Portable Printer: Extremely grateful I purchased this.  I use this every single week to print off pictures to go in my planner.  I am thinking that this will be delightful to have on my future vacations.

3. Weight Lifting Gloves: Lifesaver for my hands since I have been back to lifting in the gym.

4.  Mesh Laundry Bags: And now the lifesaver for my clothing.  No more snagging bra hooks on random things in the washing machine.

5.  Memory Foam Mattress: We made the jump to the "box" mattress bandwagon.  I can say that I am happy with it plus it is a small price compared to a mattress set.

6.   Fitted sheet: Simple, basic, inexpensive, soft, and not stiff

7.  Apple Slicer/Corer : Finally a thinly sliced apple.  Back in fall, our food subscription service had us slicing apples thinly.  This made such a huge difference.

8.   Rubber Door Mat : After my husband bought a vacuuming robot, we were on the hunt for the perfect doormat that the little robot would not get stuck on.  This one was perfect.

9.  Floor Lamp :  Here is where the hunt ended for us to find a perfect light for the living room.  It is much brighter in there more dungeon as we have no overhead lights in our living room

10. Furnace Air Filter : Yeah it is the little things that equal the joys of home ownership, like my ability to get a inexpensive filter for my furnace delivered to my door instead of spending what seems to be endless time standing in the aisle of Menards hoping yours is still in stock and finding it on the shelf.

And there you have it, my top ten Amazon buys from 2018.  Hopefully, something on this list sparked your interest or enlightened you on something you would have never thought to purchase from Amazon.  I am also thinking that going forward I may make this a seasonal post going forward (only with fewer items, 3 or 5) and possibly create a link up.  That way we can all share our great finds.

With that, I bid you goodbye for now until the next post.  May all my fellow Wisconsinites stay warm, cozy and safe during our lovely winter weather.

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