Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What the views look like from where I stand

The initial exploration of the Wisconsin Wilds meadow has been somewhat scary.  The light for the things to grow has abundant.  I have spent months wandering through.  My discoveries have been things that were well established and others that need love, passion and light to grow.

Standing tall...were the people who supported me in my initial journey.  My core beliefs: positivity, stubbornness, nurturing, the quest for knowledge, and my drive to conquer. These were the things to build upon and around.  I explored and planted the seeds for new adventures and cultivated passion long since forgotten things: My The Love of Learning, Health, and Creating.  Each of these brought a long lost sense of joy and wonderment.  All of these to be continued to be nurtured into the future.

It was scary.  My lack of trust and hurt and pain continued to try and pull me backwards.  In each experience, I had to push that away and push further into the light.  I am somewhat of an introvert.  I do enjoy my time alone and am perfectly content there.  After all that I experienced it is harder for me to open myself up to others. It takes longer and a lot of trust.

The time I took though to recultivate who I was, what I loved, and effort to push through has led me to the place I currently stand at now. Now is the time where I will continue to bask in the light that was always there, the strength of the tall trees, nurture the beauty that was neglected and plant new seeds. I am ready to move forward on my journey and explore the possibilities of what lies ahead.

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